Podcast #3

Have you ever been in a situation in your life where you´ve wondered whether you´re having a "déjà-vu" of a particular life experience you really didn´t want to be happening again? I mean these moments when you´re asking yourself: "Wasn´t this already happening to me once/twice/many times before? Wasn´t this exactly what I didn´t want to be happening to me again?". Or the more dramatic version of these questions: "WHY is this or that happening always to me?" - It doesn´t matter how many times we repeat this questions, here we are again, just right into the same FEELING we so hardly wanted to avoid.

In this podcast you will hear and learn about

• the meaning of these kind of unwanted situations and that they are there to help you uncover false believes you´ve been thinking about yourself or about life

• how you can easily detect your own "leitmotif"

• what the core-feelings of a leitmotif-situations are and why it´s by the way you FEEL in these situations, that you can know for sure, that it is a situation that wants to help you grow

• the 4 main reasons why people are having a hard time addressing their personal leitmotif-situations (and therefore keep repeating them over and over again)

• the 2 levels of how life is trying to draw your attention to your personal "ISSUE" so you start setting your hand to your personal development

• the differences between men and women in the way they´re coping with their leitmotif-situations

• and much more....

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