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I believe that two of the most delicious states of being we as humans can experience is CLARITY and TRANSFORMATION. When we speak out our personal truth and when we bring awareness into the most hidden psychical mechansims and universal laws of our existence, we bring CLARITY into our own lifes and in the lifes of others. It is by clarity that we stay connected to the real purpose of our extistence: to keep evolving and to transform into the person we truly are and wish to be and to become.

May this podcast inspire you to gain more clarity in your life and to keep up your personal transformation.

All the information, knowledge, inspiration and wisdom shared in this podcast don´t claim to be the ultimate truth; but it´s one voice among many voices and one perspective among many existing perspectives. My wish for you is that you take what is helpful for you, what inspires you and lifts you up - and that you leave aside that doesn´t resonate with who you are and who you want to be.

  • podcast #5 may it be ebautiful - setting intentions to filled with beauty - 13 December 2017

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In this podcast you´ll listen to an Australian Aboriginal prayer called "May it be beautiful". This prayer or poem is a wonderful example of how we can set powerful positive intentions for our lives. Powerful, because BEAUTY itself is one of the most powerful entities capable to move the soul of humans. Beauty is the language of the universe, of the nature. Nature never holds back with Beauty.

We can learn to look at our own lives with the intention to see BEAUTY in everything that surrounds us, in ourselves, in our past and our future.

Listening to this podcast, you´ll learn that seeing BEAUTY in whatever you look at is NOT a privilege for people who are blessed living in beautiful environments or are surrounded by beautiful people, but it´s a DECISION. It´s an attitude you decide to take towards life, others and yourself.

My wish for you is that this podcast inspires you to create BEAUTY in your own life, without holding back, just as Mother Nature does. Enjoy the podcast! (7 min)

  • PoDCASt #4 Gratitude - Why expressing gratitude is incredibly life-changing - 5 november 2017

Rafaela Micaela Schmitt

This podcast is the very first one of the ENERGIZER PODCAST SERIES, with a maximum lenght of 5-8 minutes.In this podcast about GRATITUDE you´ll hear about why living with a grateful attitude is so powerful and how to implement it into your daily life. Enjoy the podcast!! (6 min)


  • Podcast #3 The "leitmotif" of your personal development - how to uncover it and why it helps you to perfom a quantum leap forward in your evolution - 21 october 7, 2017

Rafaela Schmitt Coaching Podcast #3

Have you ever been in a situation in your life where you´ve wondered whether you´re having a "déjà-vu" of a particular life experience you really didn´t want to be happening again? I mean these moments when you´re asking yourself: "Wasn´t this already happening to me once/twice/many times before? Wasn´t this exactly what I didn´t want to be happening to me again?". Or the more dramatic version of these questions: "WHY is this or that happening always to me?" - It doesn´t matter how many times we repeat this questions, here we are again, just right into the same FEELING we so hardly wanted to avoid. (31 min)


  • Podcast #2 Desarrollo personal. Uno de los pilares más fuertes para hacer realidad tus sueños - Entrevista con Ylenia Artola - october 7, 2017

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Todos tenemos sueños. Todos deseamos vivir una vida feliz, ni más ni menos. Y todos deseamos tener un trabajo donde puedas dar expresión a nuestros miles de talentos e intereses, deseamos un ambiente laboral que nos valore como personas lo primero y no sólo como “números” y que reconozca el esfuerzo y la dedicación entregada. Deseamos todo esto... pero tantas veces no sabemos qué hacer, qué camino escoger para convertirlo en realidad, ni siquiera creemos que haya caminos para conseguir lo que deseamos realmente. Nos basta con quejarnos y seguir en nuestra cómoda zona de confort...Allí, donde nada maravilloso ocurre.

En este segundo episodio del “CLARITY Y TRANSFORATION-podcast tengo a Ylenia Artola como invitada, Empresaria Senior de Mary Kay España. Ylenia nos contará acerca de su larga búsqueda por encontrar un trabajo dónde le permitieran desarrollarse como mujer, como persona y como profesional, sin límites. Y cómo la vida le proporcionó lo que andaba pidiendo al universo, una empresa “con corazón”. (35 min)

  • Podcast #1 Indecision: where it comes from and why there isn´t such thing as an "indecisive person" - october 2, 2017

Rafaela Schmitt Podcast

We all know these moments, when it comes to making an important decision, that we suddenly find ourselves "unable" to move in any direction, or in other words: to make a clear decision. The feelings that we experience during these moments are not very pleasant, so in general we strive to make a decision as soon as possible to "alleviate" ourselves from the emotional pressure - just to subsequently doubting the decision made again. (16 min)


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