Coaching Process 

Set Up

I offer individual coaching sessions or group coaching for up to 4 persons, as a face-to-face setting or as a online session.

The duration of the coaching process varies and depends on the client and their request and/or aim. But I usually work 3 – 6 coaching sessions a 60 minutes with my individual clients whereas the group coaching consists of 6 sessions a 60 minutes. The sessions are successfully finished when the client feels empowered, equipped and prepared to build the life that he or she wants.

After the 6 main coaching sessions exists the possibility to deepen and expand what has been learned through focusing on topics that are of my clients interest, such as Advanced Goal Planning, Anger Management, Body Language, Breath awareness and Mindfulness, Creativity and Visualization, Dealing With Money Fears, Handling Job Stress, Inner Child Coursework, Overcoming Anxiety and many more.

What will I learn? 

The first 6 sessions are especially designed to initiate a deep shift in the way you think about yourselves and your reality.

You will learn...

about the importance of the quality of your thoughts and their impact on how you feel and act consequently;

about the power of your beliefs and how they shape the life that you have;

how to uncover your limiting beliefs which are holding you back from becoming the person you want to be or from creating the live experiences that you want to have;

how to rediscover your most inner true identity;

to connect yourself and listen to your intuition / inner voice as the highest source for wisdom and personal guidance;

to use your imagination and creativity to redefine and innovate the different areas of your life in a way that feels good to you (visualization).

to live in the power of the present moment through mindfulness and focused attention

how to create new and healthy habits that will create the basis structure for long-lasting changes in your personality or any other area of your life;

to be aware of your emotions, how to canalize their energy and how to express them in a healthy way

and much more…

Still some doubts? 

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.
— Marcus Aurelius

ALBERT EINSTEIN once said: "The definition for insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

If what you see in your life (the results) is not what you want, then start doing things differently is the perfect way to start with. Well, it could mean for you to beginn with a coaching process, why not? It´s maybe something you´re thinking about it for a long time; then let´s go for it! Dare it! Step out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself! At the end, you have nothing to loose, you can only gain. I´ll be more than happy working with you!

Dare it! Step out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself!

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"Courage is the root for personal growth - a heart filled with passion and wonders its crown."