I wish you a Merry BUSYNESS!

Christmas picture.jpeg

This Christmas I won´t wish you joy and delights,

No presents, no singing, no cookies at midnight

This Christmas will be a different one, for sure

´Cause this special wish can´t wait anymore:


What I do wish you with all my heart

– and I´m saying this with Santa Claus´ best regards -


Yes, you heard me right! And it´s getting even better:

I wish you BUSYNESS – in capital letters!


I wish you so much hustle and bustle,



That there´s no time left for any chit-chat and scuffle.

No time to lose even a thought

That´s why, I wish you a huge amount of BUSYNESS;

And only time to mind your very own business.

And keep your judgements to yourself;

Instead, get your books down from your shelves.


Remember, please, this wish of mine

To keep yourself busy, all the time.

And if anyone comes with tittle and tattle,

Make free the field and don´t enter the battle.


Just tell them straight and make it a rhyme,

“I´m far too busy, I don´t have time! “

I´m busy listening to the Christmas bell,

What it says to me, no one can tell.


I´m busy looking at the lights of the tree;

Hearing its message, oh yes, I agree.

Observing the sparkle in the children’s eyes

And tasting these wonderful Christmas delights!


I´m sorry, I´m far too busy, I don´t have time.”


Author: Rafaela Micaela Schmitt, December 2017©


About the businesses that aren´t yours.


No time to envy your neighbour for buying this new car,

For re-furnishing their saloon or opening a Hawaiian bar.

No time to criticize your partners’ free will

To postpone their diet and abandon their treadmill.


No time to complain about the weather,

The news or your friend’s horrible sweaters.

No time to share with all and sundry

What an self-centered person your boss is;

- Because people don`t care, to put it simply and bluntly.


During Christmas preparations and celebrations

I wish you to be so tremendously busy,

That you forget about your mission,

To mess with what is another person´s decision.


And while I´m writing these last few lines,

I wonder if it could be considered a crime,

To think that I´d know always what´s best,

For him or for her, and for all the rest?


If it were one (a crime), we wouldn´t be shy

To stop and ask: I am doing so…“WHY?

It might be, because we´ve never been busy enough

To not have time to think about all that stuff.