Everyone is your mirror

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Our universe is ruled by several universal laws, which are always there, independently if we believe them to be there or not. (If you believe in gravity or not, the law itself doesn´t care, it´s still there). One of these universal laws is the “LAW OF MIRROR”. I personally believe it to be one of the most important ones to know about, since it´s the greatest one of all relationship secrets and incredibly necessary to transform all of your relationships.

The law of mirror says that EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN YOUR LIFE IS YOUR MIRROR. Or in other words: the people that surround you are constantly reflecting parts of your own qualities back to you – you can only SEE in others what you have inside of yourself. If you hadn´t also in yourself these wonderful qualities you like or admire in the other person, how could you recognize it in him or her? The same applies for all these qualities you dislike or condemn in the other person – They wouldn´t annoy you so much if it weren´t for the fact that you possess them aswell; but it´s often only through the other person, that you can see these parts of your own being which you dislike or condemn.

The other person is one of your greatest teachers and is there to help you see and acknowledge the parts of yourself you haven´t integrated and accepted yet.

In this sense “the other person” is one of your greatest teachers and is there to help you see and acknowledge the parts of yourself you haven´t integrated and accepted yet and – in a second step – that you inertly desire to be TRANSFORMED into qualities that do represent the person you WANT to be (and it is your relationship with your partner/spouse that enables you to take the closest, most accurate look at who you are). Once we truly understand this, there is just no room anymore for blaming or judging the other one – and there is no room to feel victimized by what the other person says or does.

We can only evolve as human beings by accepting and embracing all parts of ourselves. Or how could we see “light” without knowing and having experienced “darkness?” – How could we treasure a warm beam of sunlight on our skin, if we didn´t know the feeling of cold or rain? – And how could we truly love if we didn´t allow ourselves to also experiencing emotions of fear, anger or hate?

This “Ying and Yung” exists, so we might be able to truly treasure moments of delights and that we might be free in choosing what parts of us we want to change (= transform). Transformation can never take place through rejection, but only through embracing and acceptance of who you really are….and remember…the other person is there to reflect to you what is inside of yourself.

Lot´s of love,

Rafaela xxx

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