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"Each challenge in life is a calling for self-development."

- Rafaela M. Schmitt


A little welcome note for you to get an idea of me, my work as a coach and what you can expect engaging in a coaching program with me.

I apologize for the quality of the video - it´s not perfect, but that´s exactly what I want to communicate: we don´t have to be perfect in order to say or do something that can make a difference to somebody.







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Client Reviews

What an amazing journey of transformation it has been! I am so thankful to Rafaela for allowing me to see the strengh in myself and believe in the process of my personal transformation. Her sessions have been absolutely empowering and I recommend them to everyone.
— Ivana Vigasova
My group coaching sessions have been a thought-provoking and emotion-evoking experience! A positively charged journey to help me become the best version of myself. I couldn´t recommend a better life coach.
— Karrie Loftus
Rafaela can keep you motivated even in your lowest moments. Her coaching lessons did not just help me to clarify what I wanted, but also the steps to get there. Small changes towards the right direction really makes a difference. I know that now! During our sessions, Rafaela inspired me with her motivation and energy. She really boosted my confidence and helped me making changes when I was stuck!
— Victoria Björklund