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"Each challenge in life is a calling for self-development."

- Rafaela M. Schmitt

News 2018: Feel Good Manager at avendi Senioren Serivce GmbH

I am happy to announce that since March 1st I am continuing my coaching activities as the in-house FEEL GOOD MANAGER of avendi Senioren Service GmbH in Mannheim, Germany. Avendi is a private service provider for senior citizens and belongs to the DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL corporate group. Started in 2001, avendi counts by now 25 business establishments throughout Germany.

As their FEEL GOOD MANAGER, I am predominantly responsible for the WELL-BEING of the employees who are working in the local inpatient care establishments. In the following few weeks/months my work will materialize step by step as I get familiar with the care sector, the establishments, the work routines, etc.

You can stay in the loop about my activities as FEEL GOOD MANAGER following the facebook page of avendi or looking up the news at avendi´s webpage.

If you have any questions or request concerning my new work as Feel Good Manager, please don´t hesitate to contact me.

With feel-good vibes,

Rafaela Micaela Schmitt

FEEL GOOD MANAGER of AVENDI Senioren Service GmbH  Telefon 0151 14575870  Telefax 0621 8607-370  E-Mail  rafaela.schmitt(at)


Telefon 0151 14575870

Telefax 0621 8607-370

E-Mail rafaela.schmitt(at)


A little welcome note for you to get an idea of me, my work as a coach and what you can expect engaging in a coaching program with me.

I apologize for the quality of the video - it´s not perfect, but that´s exactly what I want to communicate: we don´t have to be perfect in order to say or do something that can make a difference to somebody.


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Client Reviews

What an amazing journey of transformation it has been! I am so thankful to Rafaela for allowing me to see the strengh in myself and believe in the process of my personal transformation. Her sessions have been absolutely empowering and I recommend them to everyone.
— Ivana Vigasova
My group coaching sessions have been a thought-provoking and emotion-evoking experience! A positively charged journey to help me become the best version of myself. I couldn´t recommend a better life coach.
— Karrie Loftus
Rafaela can keep you motivated even in your lowest moments. Her coaching lessons did not just help me to clarify what I wanted, but also the steps to get there. Small changes towards the right direction really makes a difference. I know that now! During our sessions, Rafaela inspired me with her motivation and energy. She really boosted my confidence and helped me making changes when I was stuck!
— Victoria Björklund